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I disse dager landes deal for promo/musikkvideoproduksjon som skal følge singelutgivelse denne våren. Vis

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"Earthly Things"

Siddhartha (2007)

1. Raindrop Song
2. Earthly Things
3. At The Station
4. Harbour Song
5. Feel It
6. Into The Gloom
7. Fairytale
8. War For Your Love
9. You Must fly
10. Play Among Shadows


Elin Synnøve Bråthen

"The Anchor And The Dream"

Curling Legs (2010)

1. Early Winter Snow
2. Poetry
3. Ride Into Dawn
4. Lift Your Anchor
5. My Island (No Way, Headed Nowhere)
6. Higher Than My Stairway
7. I Stood In Your Courtyard
8. Lady With Black Sheep
9. Shivas Blow In Cages
10. My Honesty
11. This Is Not The End
12. Red Bean Song (Chinese Folk Song)